Hello honey-pies, so…, i met this  smiling gallop-head who said he liked my friend’s friend…And it looks like our girly little naughty way of escaping from our usual often boring weekend of having same experiences over and over again,like our entire lives depend on it. Yea,i think we need something totally different;a weekend get-away!

So,i quickly connected my friend ,who in turn,connected her friend,and luckily she agreed to our secret. Fast forward to our expectations,it was a whole awesomeness….And was there a string between the two after all? Obviously none,because we made sure that he was our boy friend,one guy for three girly-naughty sweethearts. Guess he’ll never forget how we arranged to pour sand sand in his garri. For us…it was just an excuse to take a breath from reality.


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