“Life; A Loss Gain”

What is it about life…?

So deep a blue Sea,so wide a chasm.

Living Life, yet understands it not:

Its aesthetics,ironies,vastness,entities and wholeness.


Step unto steps,experiences gain,knowledge acquire.

Losing is surely gaining.

Loss!!! An inevitable part of life

Often devastating,emotions skyrocketing

Big losses,small losses;either so painful.

Shock emerges then sadness and like a canker-worm,depression creeps in.

But with acceptance,comes hope,courage,clarity,confidence and conviction

At the end side of loss ,a pleasant parcel patiently waits.

Why then hoard when you could lend a helping hand?

Why take when you could give?

Life is like a seed

First lost in mother earth then grows and blossoms.

Live to give,lose to gain.


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