W -O- R- D

Etymologically, ‘LÓgos'(Word) means an embodiment of an idea. A word according to Leonard Bloomfield is thought as”the smallest meaningful unit of speech that can stand on itself “. Smallest…yet Meaningful and indispensable,simply ;invaluable. Words are spoken,written and yes… gesticulated! 😕 They convey loads of information that could be positive or negative.

Positive Word edifies,inspires,corrects,uplifts the hearer,while negative word murders,destroys,discourages,hurts,saddens and criticizes the hearer.

What value is a word if it stinks?

Of what value is a word if it stings like a bee and kills like a Black Mamba’s venom?

Proverbs 18:21 rightly writes “Death and life(are) in the power of the tongue…”

You are what you speak because’ out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks‘(Mathew 12:34-35). And what you speak affects not only your heart, but that of the others, the cycle is that bad darling! You speak love because you are a love being,you speak good and positive things about others because you are a good person, who thinks positively. Your word causes pains and hurts because you are so hurt and pained like a wounded lion, you speak hatefully because your mind is so full of hatred and knows nothing about love.

Let your words heal rather than hurt

Use them to correct with love rather than criticize hatefully

Let your words inspire rather than expire Let the thoughts that emanate from your heart be meditated in your mind before they’re spoken by your mouths

Let them encourage rather than discourage others…


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