Journey,My… Journey

Fourteenth of November 2015 it was! A memorable night indeed… I had returned from work a bit later than usual,and as i walked into my lighted family home, with millions of butterflies running an evening marathon in my stomach, “who hasn’t experienced or at least heard about this famous Lagos traffic, eh?” ,i thought. Not withstanding the time,the excruciating sweat that had drenched my  favourite black turtle necked top, i  had paired with my new pair of baby_ blue jeans ,i was just determined to embark on this journey. This very journey that had taken me like forever to decide.

If i had embarked on this journey earlier than now,i would have probably attained my BSL,instead of this TWA. But no! i was so scared ,scared of my look,scared of how challenging it could turn out to be,scared of  people’s scrutinizing eyes…Although my big sister ,Valerie had taken that bold step,and returned looking exquisite and lush,and always has countless compliment as we walk in the streets or go out for occasions,yet i wasn’t convinced. I guess i needed to make the journey inwardly,then outwardly;inside-out per se !

Night preparation was a quick one,and as i squat quietly on our royal blue rug in the sitting room,in that yoga posture that often reminds me so much of my childhood setting, patiently waiting for the magic to happen,i whispered to my scary enthusiastic self,”if not tonight ,when…? ”

Later that same night, as i devotedly watched Abuja Special Holy Ghost Service by the Redeemed Christian Church of God which was aired live on one of the local television stations, i  officially gave my life to Christ! Pastor E.A. Adeboye (Daddy G.O. ,as he is fondly called) had said as he announced the alter call “if you can’t remember the very day you got born again,then you too need to make this alter call tonight ,the day you get born again ,is as memorable as the day you get married.” He had asked,“does anybody forgets the day he/she got married?” I guess that message was aimed at me! So,since i couldn’t remember the exact day i got born again, i had to make the alter call too. Right there, in front of our 46 inches LCD at the sitting room of my family home,after a reflective moment; i knelt down in a solemn mood and officially got born again!🙏

Here and now,i started my natural hair journey,Y…e…’r’…s…!💃👅 My Teeny Weeny AfroMy BC
This hair, whose journey i started the preparation since January 2015, with much enthusiasm .I had my transition for ten months,i actually did a short transition before my big chop(BC), because my relaxed hair tangled like crazy,and combing it was quite challenging. To say my BC  is liberating  is an understatement,i feel so reinvigorated and excited. For the first time in my adulthood,i had my hair cut,ready for a fresh start,this time as a naturalist.

Two days later after my BC(Big Chop)as i walked into the  church compound,i was accosted by hysteric eyes with that look that speaks unspoken words,that look that asks question like,” what had happened to our sister?” Question that suggests unsolicited pity. Some close pals did approach me ,asking so many “wh” questions. And i told them it was a personal decision, a long awaited new beginning. I told them it wasn’t an end ,but a rebirth of healthier hair…All lost isn’t lost after-all

Right now i haven’t gotten a strict hair regimen ,but with time,more internet surf on natural hair blogs,and more importantly YOUR ADVICE,i will stick my fingers on the hair products my hair is compatible with.
Ps be kind enough to encourage/motivate a natural sis lol ,also share your hair regimen . xxx.


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