Momma and I

Momma and I,we rep African Women! x


Woman! More precious than the most precious jewels. Woman…! an emotional being ,so graceful as a deer,yet tough,powerful not only on the inside,but  inside-out. Woman…! A feminine being with an outward frailty,or as the society often sees her – ‘weak’! Yet,right from a very tender age,she develops such a tenacity,so fierce to bear the troubling pressures placed on her by the society, a society that sees her as a “weaker sex” yet expects so much from her! Right from her adolescent age,to her adulthood,even till her diminishing age,she strives to accomplish all high expectations,besides being a child,a girl,a lady, sister,a wife,a lover,a mother,a grand-mother, you just name it!

Tell me,who has such graceful vigour to bear the depressing pressure to  accomplish all societal expectations like -getting married at a particular age bracket,and when married,the shattering pressure of getting pregnant,the anguishing pangs of child-birth,the emotional pains  and trauma caused by an abusive husband,or a troubled child? Who can strongly stand her ground against immorality in a hyper-sex addicted  world as ours, where every woman is erroneously viewed as a sex object? Or who has such vigour to compete successfully in an acclaimed  men dominated environment such as politics and the work place?  Considering the threatened gender inequality at work place, despite her educational qualifications,intelligence,skills and proficiency …tell me,who ? “The power of a women! i’ve never felt so full of mysterious power. Men are a joke.” John Fowles,The Collector.

Just yesterday,most Christian faithfuls celebrated Mothers’ Day ;an appreciation of womanhood . And tomorrow,the United Nations celebrates the International Women’s Day(IWD) tagged “Planet 50-50 by 2030 :Step it up for Gender equality”. The United Nations will reflect on forwarding the 2030 Agenda,the effective implementation of the new sustainable development goals,women empowerment,gender equality and women’s right. The United Nations Secretary- General -Banky Moon in his message for the IWD 2016 says “we have shattered so many glass ceilings ,we created a carpet of shards. Now we are sweeping away the assumptions and bias of the past so women can advance across new frontiers”. What a powerful message those little lines convey! Really,women have advanced in different sectors _women in the changing world of work,women in politics,economy etc There are epic historical accounts of women who have contributed immensely in the global development. Women, who even in the contemporary time,still birth innovations ,women whose ideas and initiatives have profited the economy globally.


IWD 2016

Such women are celebrated today and always,while more record breakers are being birthed! Many countries of the world have lines of activities to commemorate the Women ,as they work towards gender parity,women rights,and women empowerment. In Nigeria,the Niger Delta Development Commission in commemoration of the International Women Day,sets to discover,inspire and celebrate women in the Niger Delta Region through a stage  drama written by Professor Ahmed Yerima,titled “Little Drops”,a drama which takes a look at the Niger Delta  conflicts from the perspective of  women .

As we celebrate Women tomorrow and always,i would love to celebrate my very own Momma,a mother who has contributed a lot ,and still contributes emotionally, spiritually, and otherwise in my life, in the lives of my siblings,and the world at large. She is an epitome of the Proverbs 31:10-31 woman,” A virtuous woman,who can find? for her price is far more than rubies…” Who  do you celebrate today?

Happy Women,Happy World!!! 🎉 🎆 xo





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    #BeBoldForChange Speak out,do positive things you ought to do to effect the change you so desire,Happy International Women’s Day Lovers!!! Who run the World…? #Girls #Women #IWD *wink*


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