#BeBoldForChange Speak out,do positive things you ought to do to effect the change you so desire,Happy International Women’s Day Lovers!!! Who run the World…? #Girls #Women #IWD *wink*


Momma and I Momma and I,we rep African Women! x

Woman! More precious than the most precious jewels. Woman…! an emotional being ,so graceful as a deer,yet tough,powerful not only on the inside,but  inside-out. Woman…! A feminine being with an outward frailty,or as the society often sees her – ‘weak’! Yet,right from a very tender age,she develops such a tenacity,so fierce to bear the troubling pressures placed on her by the society, a society that sees her as a “weaker sex” yet expects so much from her! Right from her adolescent age,to her adulthood,even till her diminishing age,she strives to accomplish all high expectations,besides being a child,a girl,a lady, sister,a wife,a lover,a mother,a grand-mother, you just name it!

Tell me,who has such graceful vigour to bear the depressing pressure to  accomplish all societal expectations like -getting married at a particular age bracket,and when married,the shattering pressure of getting pregnant,the anguishing pangs of child-birth,the…

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