#BeBoldForChange Speak out,do positive things you ought to do to effect the change you so desire,Happy International Women’s Day Lovers!!! Who run the World…? #Girls #Women #IWD *wink*


Momma and I Momma and I,we rep African Women! x

Woman! More precious than the most precious jewels. Woman…! an emotional being ,so graceful as a deer,yet tough,powerful not only on the inside,but  inside-out. Woman…! A feminine being with an outward frailty,or as the society often sees her – ‘weak’! Yet,right from a very tender age,she develops such a tenacity,so fierce to bear the troubling pressures placed on her by the society, a society that sees her as a “weaker sex” yet expects so much from her! Right from her adolescent age,to her adulthood,even till her diminishing age,she strives to accomplish all high expectations,besides being a child,a girl,a lady, sister,a wife,a lover,a mother,a grand-mother, you just name it!

Tell me,who has such graceful vigour to bear the depressing pressure to  accomplish all societal expectations like -getting married at a particular age bracket,and when married,the shattering pressure of getting pregnant,the anguishing pangs of child-birth,the…

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It’s that time of the year again… #grace #lent #dugfromarchieve  *wink*


“Remember that you’re dust ,and to dust you shall return” (Genesis 3:19),the priest had said to me, and to other lay faithfuls who had queued at the foot of the alter to receive ashes on their foreheads. “What a phrase…?”,i had thought,presumably a popular one,yet embodies often neglected truth and significance. The fact that we are sojourners on this planet earth is an indisputable fact which needs more emphasis else we would be distracted by the fleeting pleasures of this very earth.   Man, a three-part-being is made up of a spirit and a soul,both living in a body. So when the body(e.i dust) expires,it returns back to the earth,while the spirit and the soul return to God. Hence a solemn call to utmost humility,repentance,restitution and ultimately salvation is paramount in the life of every Christian.

Just a week ago,precisely,on Wednesday,the 10th of February,2016;the Church (Catholic) all over the world commemorated the Ash Wednesday(neither a…

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It was Summer holiday;a period every child(even adult) anxiously anticipates. During this period, most children get more actively involved in fun-packed activities ranging from :visits to fun-parks,friends and more importantly a holiday at the Grannies’;where they inadvertently turn their grand-parents to the  Chief Justice of the Nation,because at Grannies’ ,every parent shall be prosecuted for allegedly “spoiling the rod to spare the child” But dear parents,never you relent anyways, kids will always be kids,they must have a case to be judged against you at their grannies’ court of law! hahaha…

So,on a lovely sunny summer Saturday,i asked my five years old nephew Kosisochukwu (A.K.A Kokonma as i fondly call him) who over the summer holiday developed a passion (born out of a famous Nigerian  comic characters–The Indomitables) to make a sketch of me. I guess i was rather asking for too much from a little sweetheart who had just developed an interest in drawing comics,and not human beings. Well,his reply after a little giggle “i know how to draw a house,a car and cartoons ,i don’t know how to draw a human being but i will try,” intrigued me a lot.  And the lovely image below, which he crafted using a soft copy picture in my phone’s picture gallery is Aunty Ujunwa!!! 😁😂😂 I didn’t want to be stingy ,so i thought i could share this epic art work with you,just because there is love in sharing!

Do not despise your days of little beginning! #Epic

Do not despise your days of little beginning! #Epic

Over time,we have taken tons of pictures ,and if you’re a picture freak like me,i bet, you take pictures/selfies of yourself like everyday.Pictures we jealously preserve in hard drives,wall frames and photo albums.Pictures that bring back sweet,lovely,painful memories. Pictures we often share with families,friends, and not excluding our social media followers with hash tags #Fam #BFF #TBT #WCW #MCM #TGiF  etc.

But frankly, do these pictures reflect our true image? Do they really reflect who we truly are;our inner beauty and flaws?  Do they even depict (100%) our true PHYSICAL beauty and flaws? With the emerging high level of tech-edition/filter applications,i doubt if they do!  Also,some people are thought to be naturally photogenic while some are not due to some factors which are centered on confidence,setting/background,individuals’ mood,and mechanical(camera) or photographer’s flaws. Dearest, “your image of yourself is all a lie” Jacques Lacan.

An image according to The Concise Oxford Dictionary is “a representation of the external form of an object,the character or reputation of a person or thing as generally perceived.” Hence,our individual image is unique,it embodies our genetic being,cultural,religious,linguistics background,as well as our interests and abilities. A child unconsciously derive identity from the world(the people) around him,but as he grows up into adulthood, his mode of identity derivation changes. He chooses his appeal amongst the several options the world presents to him,he deduces how he would want to be viewed by people. He becomes so conscious OF his image. And in fear of losing it,he jealously guides and defends it from being crushed.

When embarrassed,our self esteem evaporates like a puff of smoke leaving us in some kind of trauma.This shows that man’s self-esteem  could be in direct contrast to his/her false image. However in a quest for True Self Image Discovery, and how to align our lives with our true self to ensure internal harmony in this life,hence boosting a healthy self-esteem,we ought to:

  • discover the meaning and  purpose of our life. Myles Munroe rightly says“You start existing when you were born,but you start living when you discover your purpose”
  • raise our values and standards,else we’ll lose the essence.
  • state our priorities and beliefs,as well as our passions in life so as to be fulfilled.

The pertinent questions still remain- ‘who and whose are you truly are?’ Until these questions are addressed,we’ll be faced with trauma caused by our daily struggle to uphold any self- image  built outside of Christ. As for me,I’m Imago Dei (Image of God),unapolegetically created in the likeness of God (Gen 1:26-27). It is only in Him i live  and move and have my being(Acts 17:28). God’s confidence(e.i the confidence one finds/have in God’s Word) is the ultimate. Boost your image in God,and ignore the negative image the world paints of you. #Shalom

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“Life; A Loss Gain”

What is it about life…?

So deep a blue Sea,so wide a chasm.

Living Life, yet understands it not:

Its aesthetics,ironies,vastness,entities and wholeness.


Step unto steps,experiences gain,knowledge acquire.

Losing is surely gaining.

Loss!!! An inevitable part of life

Often devastating,emotions skyrocketing

Big losses,small losses;either so painful.

Shock emerges then sadness and like a canker-worm,depression creeps in.

But with acceptance,comes hope,courage,clarity,confidence and conviction

At the end side of loss ,a pleasant parcel patiently waits.

Why then hoard when you could lend a helping hand?

Why take when you could give?

Life is like a seed

First lost in mother earth then grows and blossoms.

Live to give,lose to gain.

A TED speaker coach shares 11 tips for right before you go on stage


TED Blog

Gina Barnett advises a speaker during TED2014. Below, her best last-minute public speaking tips. Photo: Ryan Lash/TED Gina Barnett advises a speaker during TED2014. Below, her best last-minute public speaking tips. Photo: Ryan Lash/TED

The weekend before a TED conference, each speaker rehearses their talk in the TED theater. It’s a chance for the speakers to get to know the space, for our curators to give last-minute suggestions on talk content, and for our speaker coaches to give advice to help each speaker feel their absolute best the day of their talk. During this time, we overheard speaker coaches Gina Barnett, Michael Weitz and Abigail Tenenbaum give a few extraordinarily helpful tips that we’d never heard before.

We asked Gina Barnett, longtime TED speaker coach and author of the upcoming book Play the Part: Master Body Signals to Connect and Communicate for Business Success (to be released in June), to share some specifics:

  1. Start drinking water 15 minutes before you start talking. If you tend to get…

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Hello honey-pies, so…, i met this  smiling gallop-head who said he liked my friend’s friend…And it looks like our girly little naughty way of escaping from our usual often boring weekend of having same experiences over and over again,like our entire lives depend on it. Yea,i think we need something totally different;a weekend get-away!

So,i quickly connected my friend ,who in turn,connected her friend,and luckily she agreed to our secret. Fast forward to our expectations,it was a whole awesomeness….And was there a string between the two after all? Obviously none,because we made sure that he was our boy friend,one guy for three girly-naughty sweethearts. Guess he’ll never forget how we arranged to pour sand sand in his garri. For us…it was just an excuse to take a breath from reality.