The aesthetics nature of life is awesome, quite unfathomable. So awesomely beautiful that at times one wishes it could be so rosy all through,only if wishes were horses, hehehe,when the Irony of life hits…! In life,success and fulfillment are basically the ultimate goals of every individual :success in fulfilling God’s purposes here on earth,achieving what you set out to achieve,in career…

But hey! permit me to draw you back to the “now”; where life is not much of a bed of roses . Where we’re unavoidably faced with daily challenges,the more victorious one is,the more one becomes a victorious victim, because challenges are simply inevitable. Notwithstanding this inevitable,when life gives you lemon,endeavour to make lemonade,chill it,sit, and enjoy it to the fullest;i bet you it’s awesomely medicinal,ask your doctor if you have any doubt 😉

Challenges are part and parcel of everyday life;and there’s no record(s) of any one who has it all rosy. challenges could come in form fear,failure,guilt,disappointment,anger,the list is in no way exhaustive. And facing these challenges victoriously is moving forward -in other words, they inadvertently  grow us in such a way we could never imagine. Oftentimes,when we’re faced with challenges,instead of facing them with the right attitude by showing the stuff we are really made of,most people naturally tend to escape by indulging in heavy drinking habit,smoking,sex,anger… only to wake up to the challenges feeling more depressed and frustrated,because the challenges would not just disappear into the thin air,unless when confronted.

Attitude is personality,it is the outwards manifestation of one’s innate character, and reactions towards life. Ones’ reaction could either be positive or negative depending on the individuals disposition. Positive attitude is a sine qua non in facing life’s challenges. Now,it is true you do not give what you do not have,in view of this,earlier cultivation of  right attitude is very pertinent. However,it is better late than to be the late.

“When wealth is lost,nothing is lost;when health is lost,something is lost;when attitude is lost,everything is lost” Billy Graham.So i would say “gird your heart with the right thoughts,your mind with the Word and your whole being with a positive attitude as you fearlessly fulfill God’s  purposes here on earth”. Below are some of the positive attitudes that could help when facing life’s challenges.

  •  Living Consistently on the Word: The word of God is Rhema meaning -the utterance of God; which when consistently studied,renews our souls,hearts and lives. It is a defensive weapon in facing life’s challenges,because it revives,rejuvenates and inspires us. Simply put -‘it is Life’ .And so,constant meditation and faithful confession of the Word is very essential.God’s Word works wonders darlings!

FEARLESSDevelop a Fearless Mind:No one fails except he or she fails to try ,the fear of failure among other challenges cripples one from fulfilling destinies. Like a warrior in a battle field,fearlessly confront and conquer whatever challenges life may throw your way,and trust God ,you can only fail forward.

  • Be determined to be an Over-comer: Ever heard this supposedly popular story about  a farmer whose old donkey fell into a deep well ? Well, this farmer didn’t know how to get the old donkey out of the well since the well is so deep. So he decided,since the donkey is old and could hardly work effectively on the farm,he was going to bury it in the well. He enlisted the help of his friends to give his donkey a befitting burial. As they shove in sand into the well to bury the donkey, the donkey brayed ,and after awhile it stopped as the farmer and his friends continued to shove in more sand in the well. When the farmer noticed the donkey’s silence, he looked into the well and was amazed  at how this helpless donkey had used every shovel of sand that was meant for its burial as a stepping ground. Obviously,the donkey was determined to get out of the well,else it would have been buried there just like that! We could also emulate this fierce determination of the donkey, and see every obstacle that could come our ways as a stepping stone to our victory. Do not allow any situation to rule your life and derail you,but rather be determined and know that “you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you” Philippians 4:13.
  • If Music be the Soul of Life;Sing on!

    If Music be the Soul of Life;Sing on!

    Sing Your Way Out:This may seems so difficult ,but singing has a way of increasing positive feelings and relaxing the nerves. It is medically proven to fortifies the health,enhances mood. It is also spiritually uplifting,reduces anger,depression,as well as anxiety. Besides,he who sings well,prays twice. So go ahead and sing out your break-through!!!

    Please be kind enough to share your unique ways of positively facing life’s challenges,because really they suck, but are simply inevitable. See ya on the better side of life!  xoxo




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