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Momma and I,we rep African Women! x


Woman! More precious than the most precious jewels. Woman…! an emotional being ,so graceful as a deer,yet tough,powerful not only on the inside,but  inside-out. Woman…! A feminine being with an outward frailty,or as the society often sees her – ‘weak’! Yet,right from a very younger age,she develops such a tenacity,so fierce to bear the troubling pressure  placed on her by the society, a society;which expects so much from her. Right from her adolescent age,to her adulthood,even till her diminishing age,she strives to accomplish all high expectations,besides being a child,a girl,a lady, sister,a wife,a lover,a mother,a grand-mother, you just name it!

Tell me,who has such graceful vigour to bear the depressing pressure to  accomplish all societal expectations like -getting married at a particular age bracket,and when married,the shattering pressure of getting pregnant,the anguishing pangs of child-birth,the emotional pains  and trauma caused by an abusive husband,or a troubled child? Who can strongly stand her ground against immorality in a hyper-sex addicted  world as ours, where every woman is erroneously viewed as a sex object? Or who has such vigour to compete successfully in an acclaimed  men dominated environment such as the work place?  Considering the threatened gender inequality at work place, despite her educational qualifications,skills and proficiency …,tell me,who ? “The power of a women! i’ve never felt so full of mysterious power. Men are a joke.” John Fowles,The Collector.

Just yesterday,most Christian faithfuls celebrated Mothers’ Day ;an appreciation of womanhood . And tomorrow,the United Nations celebrates the International Women’s Day(IWD) tagged “Planet 50-50 by 2030 :Step it up for Gender equality”. The United Nations will reflect on forwarding the 2030 Agenda,the effective implementation of the new sustainable development goals,women empowerment,gender equality and women’s right. The United Nations Secretary- General -Banky Moon in his message for the IWD 2016 says “we have shattered so many glass ceilings ,we created a carpet of shards. Now we are sweeping away the assumptions and bias of the past so women can advance across new frontiers”. What a powerful message those little lines convey! Really,women have advanced,in different sectors,politics,economy,etc There are epic historical accounts of women who have contributed immensely in the global development. Women, who even in the contemporary time,still birth innovations ,women whose ideas and initiatives have profited the economy globally.


IWD 2016

Such women are celebrated today and always,while more record breakers are being birthed! Many countries of the world have lines of activities to commemorate the Women ,as they work towards a better gender equality,women rights,and women empowerment. In Nigeria,the Niger Delta Development Commission in commemoration of the International Women Day,sets to discover,inspire and celebrate women in the Niger Delta Region through a stage  drama written by Professor Ahmed Yerima,titled “Little Drops”,a drama which takes a look at the Niger Delta  conflicts from the perspective of  women .

As we celebrate Women tomorrow and always,i would love to celebrate my very own Momma,a mother who has contributed a lot ,and still contributes emotionally, spiritually, and otherwise in my life, in the lives of my siblings,and the world at large. She is an epitome of the Proverbs 31:10-31 woman,” A virtuous woman,who can find? for her price is far more than rubies…” Which woman do you celebrate today?

Happy Women,Happy World!!! 🎉 🎆 xo





“Remember that you’re dust ,and to dust you shall return” (Genesis 3:19),the priest had said to me, and to other lay faithfuls who had queued at the foot of the alter to receive ashes on their foreheads. What a phrase…? Presumably a popular demand(common),yet embodies often neglected truth and significance. It connotes a solemn call to utmost humility,repentance,restitution and ultimately,salvation.

Just a week ago,precisely,on Wednesday,the 10th of February,2016;the Church (Catholic) all over the world commemorated the Ash Wednesday(neither a feast nor a solemnity)but a day of obligation, which is very significant  in the life of every catholic faithful,because it marks the beginning of lent.




A very symbolic substance – Ash  which is obtained from the burning of the palms used previously during the Solemnity of the Triumphant Entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem,also known as Palm Sunday(usually a Sunday before Easter) is used on Ash Wednesday. The issuance of ash takes the place of the penitential rite,as it is deliberately omitted during the Mass for Ash Wednesday .

Ash is applied on the foreheads of the faithful on Ash Wednesday as a reminder of man’s mortality. Hence,other biblical symbolic use of Ash include:

  •  As a sign of grief : Second Samuel 13:19 records an account of a young lady-Tamar who was raped by her brother Amnon ,she put ashes on her head as a sign of deep grief.
  • Sign of Mourning for our sins as recorded in the book of the Prophet Jeremiah 6:26
  • A Sign of Repentance from our crocked and sinful ways of life(Job 42:6).

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday,a forty days journey with Jesus ;which mirrored Jesus’ forty days fasting and prayer in the garden of Gethsemane,in preparation for His ultimate sacrifice-‘death on the cross, for the salvation of mankind‘. A forty days journey before Easter,a journey of fasting,alms-giving,abstinence,prayer(like never before, and certainly not like the hypocrites do %Mathew 6:16,but as recorded in the Gospel of Mathew 16:17_18). A journey which is also observed in the Ways of the Cross or the Stations of the Cross. A journey,not like the Isrealites’ whose forty days journey turned to forty years journey ,because of their disobedience and stubbornness,but one by His grace,will bring us back to God through repentance,restitution,reconciliation ,reformation and renewal of life.

Repentance is a daily journey ,however, lent avails one a very special opportunity to return back to God in humility and sincerity of heart. The predominant message of lent is a ‘Call to return back to God’ as can be seen in Joel 2:12-18.  A call to begins  a new life of grace,purity,sanctity,a new life of holiness and peace with God and human.

It’s been a week since Lent begun,how has your journey with Jesus been? There is a myth about the eagle:when an eagle attains about thirty years of age,its health condition deteriorates,to the point that survival becomes difficult.Its talons lose their flexibility and can not properly grip its prey,its beak becomes blunt and bent,its feathers grow thick and heavy and impairs flexible and balanced flight.  But the eagle doesn’t surrender to weakness or death,rather it retreats to the mountaintop for a period of five months,where it sharpens its beak against a rock,plucks it talons and feathers for a regrowth. All these the eagle does to enable a longer life span and better flight. What are you plucking off in the course of this forty days journey,and what value(s)/moral do you wish to renew? These are crucial questions to ask ourselves in sincerity of hearts as we journey with Christ in this Lenten period,in preparation for Easter. The Grace to lent sincerely and diligently like never before,and as You would wish us to ,we pray Thee oh Lord,Amen.🙏



Dika is four years older than Chisom,and although they have such age difference,they are  two peas in a pod. Two jolly fellows, often times,they would chat and laugh hysterically that neigbours would wonder if they had won a jackpot. What age difference can put asunder a sisterly gossips and hearty giggle anyways?
They had gone to the market,just down the street on a breezy Saturday morning in their usual happy mood,chatting about “everything”,and often they would grin from ear to ear.

Ipodo market may seems like a mini market,but it holds loads of stuff;ranging from clothing materials,food items,foot wears,items of stationery,you just name it! And as such,people trade it;workers,who had closed from work ,and would want to buy some items,people like Dika and Chisom,who just came from their homes to purchase one thing or the other,and not excluding hunting spirits…So like every other market,it’s always teeming,especially on Saturdays. It was at this same market that Oby’s most cherished phone was mysteriously whisked. “Ejor oh…ejor oh…!”(meaning : ‘please oh’,i.e another way of saying ‘excuse me’ in Yoruba language) a woman’s voice had echoed from behind as she tries to forcefully wade through the crowd of buyers,spirits,and pick-pockets. “Madam ,abeg fly” Dika had muttered in exasperation,” i don’t just know why some people can’t simply exercise a little patience” she said to Chisom,who just smiled calmly in response.

The ladies had walked into a shoe store,and bought two pairs of stilettos before heading to the clothing line to buy some ladies top. “Babe,borrow me a thousand naira,to add up to my money, i really want to get this”Dika said to Chisom as she points to a white crisp shirt on a mannequin. Chisom hummed ,”i don’t think i have more than enough to lend ,i still haven’t got  baby’s diapers for Aunty Neye” she had said calmly . And almost made her way to check out a pant trousers,when she was abruptly stopped by Dika’s thrilling voice,”you made me buy shoes i didn’t budget,and now you’re telling  me you don’t have enough money to lend,it’s not as if wouldn’t pay you back!”. “But i didn’t force you to buy the shoes” Chisom had said as she turned,brought out a thousand naira note ,and handed it to her sister. And just as she made her way for the pant trousers again,her sister retorted, ” Hey come back here,take it,just take it!”. Chisom had turned in awe to see what it was she was being called back to take,”i said ,take your dawn money,i don’t need it anymore! Dika’s voice thrilled in exasperation.

As the girls both briskly walked back home in anger ,saddled with silence of unspoken words,Chisom wondered the evil spirit that had possessed her sister in just a split of a second. This was her sister who she had chatted and giggled with just few minutes ago . Her mood switch baffled her,really,”how can this be?” she muttered. She needed to know!

(An excerpt from my yet to be published Short Stories :))

I bet, you can’t imagine a life where you can’t be able to perceive when you (are) or someone around you is angry. Abuses rising from emotional outbursts are on the increase,they occurs like every second. Hence ability to perceive, comprehend,control and evaluate our emotions as well as that of others  is very essential .

Emotion is a mental state that arises spontaneously rather than consciously,it is accompanied by physiological changes like pleasure(e.g joy,love,etc) and displeasure(sadness,sorrow,fear,anger,etc) . Virtually everything in life has a cause and effect, and so does  emotion. When emotion rises,there’s always an effect,which is usually impulsive. Emotion is a very  vast concept,therefore,for the purpose of this discuss,i would limit it to anger only.



An illustration of the human brain,showing the Amygdalae. Picture by Wikipedia.

Anger,like other emotions is triggered by the two red, almond-shaped part of the brain called the amygdalae(singular:amygdala) or the emotional part of the brain. The amygdala is very impulsive,this is why people tend to react when they are emotional. It also helps in controlling emotions. Now,the big question is: what is emotional intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is a life /social skill that describes how well an individual can recognize and manage their emotions, and react to the emotions of others appropriately.Emotions are often very spontaneous,hence sensitive,so they need to be responded to appropriately ,else irrational reactions will result.

Emotional intelligence involves, but not limited to the following skills:

  • Emotional awareness: Acknowledging ones’ emotions,and that of others is very crucial.It is very true that some people tend to hide their emotions;which is not only harmful to the psychological well-being of such individuals,but also to the persons he or she encounters,because,there could be an outburst of emotions,or transfer of aggression. Concealing emotions is like hiding a lighted stick of candle under ones’ bed,it burns the bedding,and sets the entire house ablaze,it’s that disastrous.So when angry, it’s very important to acknowledge the fact that you’re angry,and work it out logically.
  • Self Management: Controlling our emotions maturely , understanding, and respecting the feelings of others are very essential. Putting our emotions in check when they become disruptive enables a healthy living. If you are stuck in anger,try doing something positive(like :taking a deep breath,counting some numbers like up to ten,walking around,or engaging in an exercise) to break the anger bound,and to avoid acting emotionally,or making emotional-based decision that are regrettable afterwards.
  • Empathy:This helps in dealing or responding specifically to others’ feelings appropriately . Letting their emotions click rightly by keeping quiet,and listening up to understand how they feel,then responding accordingly.  It’s ok,if you don’t totally understand their feelings,but putting aside your views,and (don’t argue with or judge them) acknowledging their feelings will be of an enormous help. Empathizing with others is not disparaging their feelings,but listening,and responding appropriately.They say “a problem shared ,is a problem half solved”✅.
  • Motivation: In challenging emotions like fear,the inner drive to accomplish a set goal becomes your motivation. It compels one from the inside to challenge his or her phobia by not giving up,or shrinking back.

Emotion(anger) is spontaneous ,it surges at any moment ,but it be can handled intelligently by frequent self check,even in a middle of an intense discussion,evaluate  your self,know your limit,and don’t over stretch it. It may sound so unrealistic,but self evaluation is the best evaluation ever. Also,keep quiet when you’re angry, argue not when you’re emotionally tensed. Try and move away from such environment to avoid tales that touch. Knowing yourself well,and listening to your feelings,not  disregarding them,but working them out can save you from so many hurts and  troubles. And respecting the emotions of others helps in building healthy relationships. However, do not sweep sensitive issues under the carpet, get to work it out when calmed, else it will reoccur. Above all,Spiritual intelligence supersedes emotional intelligence,so if you’re experiencing anger issues,also take it to God in prayer,he’ll handle it.

How good is your emotional intelligence? IF you’re often angered,do you mind incorporating  emotional intelligence in your  2016 resolution? It’s better late than never darlings. A hearty Cheers to emotionally intelligent individuals! 🍹Don’t be a stranger,let’s have a chat at the comment section… 😚😚











































































































Journey,My… Journey

Fourteenth of November 2015 it was! A memorable night indeed… I had returned from work a bit later than usual,and as i walked into my lighted family home, with millions of butterflies running an evening marathon in my stomach, “who hasn’t experienced or at least heard about this famous Lagos traffic, eh?” ,i thought. Not withstanding the time,the excruciating sweat that had drenched my  favourite black turtle necked top, i  had paired with my new pair of baby_ blue jeans ,i was just determined to embark on this journey. This very journey that had taken me like forever to decide.

If i had embarked on this journey earlier than now,i would have probably attained my BSL,instead of this TWA. But no! i was so scared ,scared of my look,scared of how challenging it could turn out to be,scared of  people’s scrutinizing eyes…Although my big sister ,Valerie had taken that bold step,and returned looking exquisite and lush,and always has countless compliment as we walk in the streets or go out for occasions,yet i wasn’t convinced. I guess i needed to make the journey inwardly,then outwardly;inside-out per se !

Night preparation was a quick one,and as i squat quietly on our royal blue rug in the sitting room,in that yoga posture that often reminds me so much of my childhood setting, patiently waiting for the magic to happen,i whispered to my scary enthusiastic self,”if not tonight ,when…? ”

Later that same night, as i devotedly watched Abuja Special Holy Ghost Service by the Redeemed Christian Church of God which was aired live on one of the local television stations, i  officially gave my life to Christ! Pastor E.A. Adeboye (Daddy G.O. ,as he is fondly called) had said as he announced the alter call “if you can’t remember the very day you got born again,then you too need to make this alter call tonight ,the day you get born again ,is as memorable as the day you get married.” He had asked,“does anybody forgets the day he/she got married?” I guess that message was aimed at me! So,since i couldn’t remember the exact day i got born again, i had to make the alter call too. Right there, in front of our 46 inches LCD at the sitting room of my family home,after a reflective moment; i knelt down in a solemn mood and officially got born again!🙏

Here and now,i started my natural hair journey,Y…e…’r’…s…!💃👅 My Teeny Weeny AfroMy BC
This hair, whose journey i started the preparation since January 2015, with much enthusiasm .I had my transition for ten months,i actually did a short transition before my big chop(BC), because my relaxed hair tangled like crazy,and combing it was quite challenging. To say my BC  is liberating  is an understatement,i feel so reinvigorated and excited. For the first time in my adulthood,i had my hair cut,ready for a fresh start,this time as a naturalist.

Two days later after my BC(Big Chop)as i walked into the  church compound,i was accosted by hysteric eyes with that look that speaks unspoken words,that look that asks question like,” what had happened to our sister?” Question that suggests unsolicited pity. Some close pals did approach me ,asking so many “wh” questions. And i told them it was a personal decision, a long awaited new beginning. I told them it wasn’t an end ,but a rebirth of healthier hair…All lost isn’t lost after-all

Right now i haven’t gotten a strict hair regimen ,but with time,more internet surf on natural hair blogs,and more importantly YOUR ADVICE,i will stick my fingers on the hair products my hair is compatible with.
Ps be kind enough to encourage/motivate a natural sis lol ,also share your hair regimen . xxx.

Hola World, may i introduce to you "Koko,my Prolific Artist !!!" @ #Nephews #ProudAunty


It was Summer holiday;a period every child(even adult) anxiously anticipates. During this period, most children get more actively involved in fun-packed activities ranging from :visits to fun-parks,friends and more importantly a holiday at the Grannies’;where they inadvertently turn their grand-parents to the  Chief Justice of the Nation,because at Grannies’ ,every parent shall be prosecuted for allegedly “spoiling the rod to spare the child” But dear parents,never you relent anyways, kids will always be kids,they must have a case to be judged against you at their grannies’ court of law! hahaha…

So,on a lovely sunny summer Saturday,i asked my five years old nephew Kosisochukwu (A.K.A Kokonma as i fondly call him) who over the summer holiday developed a passion (born out of a famous Nigerian  comic characters–The Indomitables) to make a sketch of me. I guess i was rather asking for too much from a little sweetheart who had just developed an interest in drawing comics,and not human beings. Well,his reply after a little giggle “i know how to draw a house,a car and cartoons ,i don’t know how to draw a human being but i will try,” intrigued me a lot.  And the lovely image below, which he crafted using a soft copy picture in my phone’s picture gallery is Aunty Ujunwa!!! 😁😂😂 I didn’t want to be stingy ,so i thought i could share this epic art work with you,just because there is love in sharing!

Do not despise your days of little beginning! #Epic

Do not despise your days of little beginning! #Epic

Over time,we have taken tons of pictures ,and if you’re a picture freak like me,i bet, you take pictures/selfies of yourself like everyday.Pictures we jealously preserve in hard drives,wall frames and photo albums.Pictures that bring back sweet,lovely,painful memories. Pictures we often share with families,friends, and not excluding our social media followers with hash tags #Fam #BFF #TBT #WCW #MCM #TGiF  etc.

But frankly, do these pictures reflect our true image? Do they really reflect who we truly are;our inner beauty and flaws?  Do they even depict (100%) our true PHYSICAL beauty and flaws? With the emerging high level of tech-edition/filter applications,i doubt if they do!  Also,some people are thought to be naturally photogenic while some are not due to some factors which are centered on confidence,setting/background,individuals’ mood,and mechanical(camera) or photographer’s flaws. Dearest, “your image of yourself is all a lie” Jacques Lacan.

An image according to The Concise Oxford Dictionary is “a representation of the external form of an object,the character or reputation of a person or thing as generally perceived.” Hence,our individual image is unique,it embodies our genetic being,cultural,religious,linguistics background,as well as our interests and abilities. A child unconsciously derive identity from the world(the people) around him,but as he grows up into adulthood, his mode of identity derivation changes. He chooses his appeal amongst the several options the world presents to him,he deduces how he would want to be viewed by people. He becomes so conscious OF his image. And in fear of losing it,he jealously guides and defends it from being crushed.

When embarrassed,our self esteem evaporates like a puff of smoke leaving us in some kind of trauma.This shows that man’s self-esteem  could be in direct contrast to his/her false image. However in a quest for True Self Image Discovery, and how to align our lives with our true self to ensure internal harmony in this life,hence boosting a healthy self-esteem,we ought to:

  • discover the meaning and  purpose of our life. Myles Munroe rightly says“You start existing when you were born,but you start living when you discover your purpose”
  • raise our values and standards,else we’ll lose the essence.
  • state our priorities and beliefs,as well as our passions in life so as to be fulfilled.

The pertinent questions still remain- ‘who and whose are you truly are?’ Until these questions are addressed,we’ll be faced with trauma caused by our daily struggle to uphold any self- image  built outside of Christ. As for me,I’m Imago Dei (Image of God),unapolegetically created in the likeness of God (Gen 1:26-27). It is only in Him i live  and move and have my being(Acts 17:28). God’s confidence(e.i the confidence one finds/have in God’s Word) is the ultimate. Boost your image in God,and ignore the negative image the world paints of you. #Shalom

📷Say cheese! ☺😚😚



The aesthetics nature of life is awesome, quite unfathomable. So awesomely beautiful that at times one wishes it could be so rosy all through,only if wishes were horses, hehehe,when the Irony of life hits…! In life,success and fulfillment are basically the ultimate goals of every individual :success in fulfilling God’s purposes here on earth,achieving what you set out to achieve,in career…

But hey! permit me to draw you back to the “now”; where life is not much of a bed of roses . Where we’re unavoidably faced with daily challenges,the more victorious one is,the more one becomes a victorious victim, because challenges are simply inevitable. Notwithstanding this inevitable,when life gives you lemon,endeavour to make lemonade,chill it,sit, and enjoy it to the fullest;i bet you it’s awesomely medicinal,ask your doctor if you have any doubt 😉

Challenges are part and parcel of everyday life;and there’s no record(s) of any one who has it all rosy. challenges could come in form fear,failure,guilt,disappointment,anger,the list is in no way exhaustive. And facing these challenges victoriously is moving forward -in other words, they inadvertently  grow us in such a way we could never imagine. Oftentimes,when we’re faced with challenges,instead of facing them with the right attitude by showing the stuff we are really made of,most people naturally tend to escape by indulging in heavy drinking habit,smoking,sex,anger… only to wake up to the challenges feeling more depressed and frustrated,because the challenges would not just disappear into the thin air,unless when confronted.

Attitude is personality,it is the outwards manifestation of one’s innate character, and reactions towards life. Ones’ reaction could either be positive or negative depending on the individuals disposition. Positive attitude is a sine qua non in facing life’s challenges. Now,it is true you do not give what you do not have,in view of this,earlier cultivation of  right attitude is very pertinent. However,it is better late than to be the late.

“When wealth is lost,nothing is lost;when health is lost,something is lost;when attitude is lost,everything is lost” Billy Graham.So i would say “gird your heart with the right thoughts,your mind with the Word and your whole being with a positive attitude as you fearlessly fulfill God’s  purposes here on earth”. Below are some of the positive attitudes that could help when facing life’s challenges.

  •  Living Consistently on the Word: The word of God is Rhema meaning -the utterance of God; which when consistently studied,renews our souls,hearts and lives. It is a defensive weapon in facing life’s challenges,because it revives,rejuvenates and inspires us. Simply put -‘it is Life’ .And so,constant meditation and faithful confession of the Word is very essential.God’s Word works wonders darlings!

FEARLESSDevelop a Fearless Mind:No one fails except he or she fails to try ,the fear of failure among other challenges cripples one from fulfilling destinies. Like a warrior in a battle field,fearlessly confront and conquer whatever challenges life may throw your way,and trust God ,you can only fail forward.

  • Be determined to be an Over-comer: Ever heard this supposedly popular story about  a farmer whose old donkey fell into a deep well ? Well, this farmer didn’t know how to get the old donkey out of the well since the well is so deep. So he decided,since the donkey is old and could hardly work effectively on the farm,he was going to bury it in the well. He enlisted the help of his friends to give his donkey a befitting burial. As they shove in sand into the well to bury the donkey, the donkey brayed ,and after awhile it stopped as the farmer and his friends continued to shove in more sand in the well. When the farmer noticed the donkey’s silence, he looked into the well and was amazed  at how this helpless donkey had used every shovel of sand that was meant for its burial as a stepping ground. Obviously,the donkey was determined to get out of the well,else it would have been buried there just like that! We could also emulate this fierce determination of the donkey, and see every obstacle that could come our ways as a stepping stone to our victory. Do not allow any situation to rule your life and derail you,but rather be determined and know that “you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you” Philippians 4:13.
  • If Music be the Soul of Life;Sing on!

    If Music be the Soul of Life;Sing on!

    Sing Your Way Out:This may seems so difficult ,but singing has a way of increasing positive feelings and relaxing the nerves. It is medically proven to fortifies the health,enhances mood. It is also spiritually uplifting,reduces anger,depression,as well as anxiety. Besides,he who sings well,prays twice. So go ahead and sing out your break-through!!!

    Please be kind enough to share your unique ways of positively facing life’s challenges,because really they suck, but are simply inevitable. See ya on the better side of life!  xoxo

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Meaningful Units.

W -O- R- D

Etymologically, ‘LÓgos'(Word) means an embodiment of an idea. A word according to Leonard Bloomfield is thought as”the smallest meaningful unit of speech that can stand on itself “. Smallest…yet Meaningful and indispensable,simply ;invaluable. Words are spoken,written and yes… gesticulated! 😕 They convey loads of information that could be positive or negative.

Positive Word edifies,inspires,corrects,uplifts the hearer,while negative word murders,destroys,discourages,hurts,saddens and criticizes the hearer.

What value is a word if it stinks?

Of what value is a word if it stings like a bee and kills like a Black Mamba’s venom?

Proverbs 18:21 rightly writes “Death and life(are) in the power of the tongue…”

You are what you speak because’ out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks‘(Mathew 12:34-35). And what you speak affects not only your heart, but that of the others, the cycle is that bad darling! You speak love because you are a love being,you speak good and positive things about others because you are a good person, who thinks positively. Your word causes pains and hurts because you are so hurt and pained like a wounded lion, you speak hatefully because your mind is so full of hatred and knows nothing about love.

Let your words heal rather than hurt

Use them to correct with love rather than criticize hatefully

Let your words inspire rather than expire Let the thoughts that emanate from your heart be meditated in your mind before they’re spoken by your mouths

Let them encourage rather than discourage others…


“Life; A Loss Gain”

What is it about life…?

So deep a blue Sea,so wide a chasm.

Living Life, yet understands it not:

Its aesthetics,ironies,vastness,entities and wholeness.


Step unto steps,experiences gain,knowledge acquire.

Losing is surely gaining.

Loss!!! An inevitable part of life

Often devastating,emotions skyrocketing

Big losses,small losses;either so painful.

Shock emerges then sadness and like a canker-worm,depression creeps in.

But with acceptance,comes hope,courage,clarity,confidence and conviction

At the end side of loss ,a pleasant parcel patiently waits.

Why then hoard when you could lend a helping hand?

Why take when you could give?

Life is like a seed

First lost in mother earth then grows and blossoms.

Live to give,lose to gain.

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